The brains beneath the original thought bubble for the We Can programme are Michelle Raper & Elizabeth Claxton, directors at Rostrons Chartered Accountants. These leading ladies have a wealth of experience and expertise and have developed an inspiring and exciting new programme which will help women grow and develop in their careers.


In a nutshell, the 1 year programme will give mentees access to a diverse range of professional mentors.

An initial skills assessment will be performed and we will be led by the mentees based on what their goals and aspirations are. 

Monthly meetings with mentors to map progress will ensure that mentees are kept on track, and monthly fireside chats with other mentors will provide help with specific goals.

With regular training workshops and seminars throughout the programme, we will help our mentees build their networking skills and professional relationships. 

A year-end review will help us to build a long-term personal development plan for the mentees and alumni membership will give them on-going access to our network of mentors.